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How to restore your military


Bruce Palmer III

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EAN : 9780760304297
ISBN : 0760304297
Auteur(s) : Bruce Palmer III
Taal : English
Uitgever : MBI publishing company
Jaar van uitgave : 1998
Druk : 1
Uitvoering : Ingenaaid
Conditie : Als nieuw (Als nieuw)
Pagina's : 192

In the decade preceding World War II and into the 1950's, Harley-Davidson was the United States military's battle bike of choice. Employed by the U.S. Army, Navy and Marines, as well as sveral Allied forces, it saw servic in World War II arenas from Normandy to China. Loved for its toughness and versatility by the men carried into conflict, Haerley's military models are highly prized by today's motorcycle collectors and enthousiasts.

How to restore your military Harley-Davidson 1932-1952 is the ultimate reference for correctly resoring these rare and historically significant machines. Author Bruce Palmer III is one of the top experts on Harley-Davidson military bikes bringing years of research to this work. More than 250 archival and detail photos cover every facet of these unique motorcycles. Whether you are restoring your own Harley military model or are a student of military history, you'llfind How to restore Your military Harley-Davidson, 1932-1952 an invaluable reference.

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