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Medieval Warfare Magazine

Verschillende auteurs

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The next 1000 years of warfare

Medieval Warfare picks up where it's sister magazine, Ancient Warfare, leaves off. Starting around 500 AD, Medieval Warfare examines European history during the Dark Ages, Middle Ages, and the beginning of the Renaissance. With a host of different nations and cultures competing for dominance during this period, topics in the magazine are extremely varied and diverse. While popular topics such as the Crusades and Anglo-French wars are given regular coverage, Medieval Warfare also tackles more complex and obscure topics, such as the myriad wars between the Italian city-states and the frequent conflicts between Eastern Europe and the Ottoman Empire.


Medieval Warfare is written for an intelligent, but casual reader. Articles have a depth lacking in many more general military history publications. The bulk of each issue is organized around a central theme, allowing for an especially thorough analysis of that subject from a variety of perspectives. These themes are suggested and voted on yearly by our readership – meaning that you have unprecedented control over the contents of Medieval Warfare. From the wars of Cnut the Great to warrior bishops in the Middle Ages, each theme includes articles analyzing major battles, units, weapons, fortifications and fighting styles. Using the latest scholarship, our authors make warfare in this diverse and confusing period accessible.
Besides its articles, Medieval Warfare brings history to life through gorgeous, unique maps, drawings and paintings. Rather than relying on stock images, we specially commission talented artists to create historically accurate and (sometimes inspiring) illustrations of medieval warriors and warfare. These works are supplemented by a collection of photographs showing contemporary art and artifacts. Taken from collections around the world, many of these items are seldom published in conventional histories or with the unique context that Medieval Warfare can provide.

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